Rating movies

This page is for me to rate movies I've watched and share my thoughts! It's okay if you disagree with me don't get offended if I dislike some of your favorites

(I'll rate every movie something/10) First movie:


Director: Dexter Fletcher

This is a movie about the british rockstar Elton John. This movie describes well the rock'n roll life of the 70s and 80s, and as well the life in a 50s household. I like that they recreated the most iconic costumes for the movie and also the fact that Taron Egerton (the actor who potrays Elton) actually sings the songs instead of lipsyncing. I'll rate this movie:


In the tall grass

Director: Vincenzo Natali, original story: Stephen King

This is was a good movie although ngl I was annoyed by how stupid the characters were in some scenes. This is also my problem with most of horror movies. I get kinda angry. Rating: